In the ever-expanding universe of Final Fantasy XIV, few stones have been left unturned in terms of content. We learned that yet more is coming to the massively popular MMO during yesterday's Letter From the Producer livestream.

There have been casino-style minigames, returning card games from previous games in the franchise (like Triple Triad), Chocobo raising, fashion shows, submarine expeditions, gardening, hunts, and so much more.

Well, now a farming simulation is coming to the game, in which players will get their very own Island Sanctuary. There, players can look after animals, gather resources, build out a farm and earn a new currency to purchase items.

This mode, in addition to the swathe of new quests, fixes and additions, will come to the MMO as a part of Patch 6.2, called Buried Memory, which is due out in late August.

Are you looking forward to building out your very own Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV? Settle down with us in the comments section below.