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FIFA’s Pro Clubs community has been teetering on the precipice of a meltdown for many years, but today’s FIFA 23 reveal may have finally pushed fans over the edge. While this year’s soccer sim will sport crossplay across one-on-one modes, 11-vs-11 option Pro Clubs is naturally not supported, as it demands a full squad of players across two teams.

It is, admittedly, a curious omission, when you consider that Pro Clubs would almost certainly benefit from a larger player pool than any other in the series. And now, feeling hopeless and abandoned, key community members like The VFL – a website dedicated to the mode – have decided to speak out.

To be fair, this is not the kind of thoughtless rant that you may have come to associate with disgruntled gamers: as part of a letter that’s been retweeted thousands of times, The VFL politely asks for answers why. It stresses that it understands the financial importance of FIFA Ultimate Team and accepts that Pro Clubs will never be top priority, but notes that crossplay is needed to keep the mode healthy and alive.

EA Sports has yet to fully outline the changes coming to this year’s Pro Clubs – that’ll come later – but we can appreciate the fan frustration here. To be fair, we’ve never understood EA Sports’ reluctance to combine the Player Career, Pro Clubs, and Volta modes like 2K Sports does with its NBA games; it’s possible this is one of the things that the FIFA license is restricting, as the publisher has alluded to in the past.

Nevertheless, it looks like anger over the lack of crossplay in Pro Clubs will rumble on in the lead up to the soccer sim’s 30th September release. What do you make of the current state of Pro Clubs, and how do you think EA Sports can get it back on track?