Games with support for local split-screen co-op are few and far between nowadays, so Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed has to go on the wishlists of anyone actively seeking out the feature. The PS5 remake's latest trailer reveals what the co-op experience will be like for two friends sat on the couch, which you can catch above.

The TV screen will split into two, giving each player the same amount of space to cause alien mayhem with. A map will be displayed in the bottom left, and then are objectives can be viewed in the top right. Simple but seemingly effective — the setup at least works in this 90-second trailer. The game's out on 20th August 2022, so there's a handful of weeks to go before the next alien invasion comes to PS5.

The Best Local Multiplayer Games on PS5 can be viewed through the link, and there's a fairly good chance Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed will end up on the list once it's out. Online co-op support doesn't seem to be a thing, but at least you can invite a buddy round to play.