Following its discovery on the PS Store backend, THQ Nordic has confirmed a PS5 version of Biomutant is on the way, scheduled to release on 6th September 2022. It'll be a free PS4 to PS5 upgrade for those who already owns the game and save data will carry over too. It costs £34.99/$39.99 if you're looking to buy it outright.

The PS5 version will make use of Activity Cards and the DualSense controller, utilising all the features of the pad. That includes haptic feedback, the adaptive triggers, motion control, and the built-in speaker. There will also be three different graphical modes to choose from, those being:

4K resolution at 30fps
Quality Unleashed
Up to 4K resolution at around 50-60fps
1440p resolution at a locked 60fps

In our Biomutant PS4 review, we awarded the game a disappointing 4/10 rating and said: "Biomutant could have been something special, but the ambitious project fails to capitalise on what it does differently. Trapped in the clutches of an open world from a generation past, its own ideas are thwarted by an overload of other mechanics and overwhelming menus. By trying to do so much, Biomutant skipped the part where it built a solid basis to work from. While there's still potential here, Experiment 101's first attempt hasn't realised it."

Unfortunately, an enhanced PS5 version won't be able to fix the outdated world design, systems, and rubbish story. Will you give it a go anyway? Let us know in the comments below.