RimWorld: Console Edition is available today on PS5 and PS4, and if that wasn't enough for you, the expansive Royalty DLC is available as well.

Royalty expands upon the base game by offering many new events that can occur throughout a playthrough, introducing a hyper-advanced and honour-focused faction called The Empire. You can complete quests for this faction, earn Imperial titles, and use new interactions to inspire your colonists to greater heights.

Eventually, you will be able to levy this Imperial favour into more tangible rewards; call in Imperial troopers, Janissaries and Cataphracts to aid you, or order orbital strikes to rain death from above. You can also use shuttles for rapid transport and labour teams if you find yourself shorthanded.

In addition, these royal visitors can teach you to harness latent psychic powers, which you can use for the betterment of your people and the destruction of any who cross you. Start fires with your mind, erect psychic barriers, or teleport a friend to safety, as the moment requires.

Royalty is a massive addition to the base game of RimWorld, adding even more complexity and depth, expanding the options it's AI Storytellers have to craft a unique story.

Did you pick up RimWorld: Console Edition? What do you think of the Royalty DLC? Hold court in the comments section below.

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