RimWorld: Console Edition is, as you might imagine, the console version of RimWorld, an incredibly deep game released on PC that uses AI-driven storytellers to keep the gameplay experience fresh by throwing randomised events at the player.

Today we got a trailer detailing the differences between the different storytellers, each having different defining characteristics that will affect how each game plays out, ensuring no two are ever the same.

Cassandra Classic is the default storyteller, recommended for the classic RimWorld experience. She will throw challenges of increasing complexity at the player but in a measured manner, allowing time in between events for recovery.

Phoebe Chillax will tell a story that you could consider "easy mode", although that's not entirely correct. Her defining characteristic is that she will allow players longer stretches of peace, which is counterbalanced by the fact that longer breaks will also mean more significant raids when they do come. In addition, it will be harder to scavenge weapons and gear without as many enemy bodies to loot.

Randy Random is the Joker of the bunch and wants to see the world burn. Expect the unexpected, with raids and natural disasters occurring from the first minute, in combinations that will seem sadistic—only recommended for experienced players and masochists.

RimWorld: Console Edition will launch on PS4 on 29 July, so we won't have to wait too long to try this mechanic out for ourselves.

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