It has been close to five years since the controversial Star Wars Battlefront 2 launched on PS4. Back in November 2017, all that was to be said of this fun multiplayer shooter was that it was an unbalanced mess, marred by the intrusive inclusion of microtransactions and pay to win elements. It sprouted the ongoing gambling debate, and while EA was quick to remove or mute most of its controversial aspects, the damage had already been done.

If you haven’t touched Battlefront 2 since those fabled days, you would be forgiven for thinking it remained that way. After all, there wasn’t much of a spotlight on the title, outside of some concurrent tie-ins with the then-running trilogy of Star Wars sequels. However, across the span of three years, Battlefront 2 went on to receive 25 free content updates, including new maps, modes, and characters.

We’ve been checking out Battlefront 2 this week to ask whether the game is worth playing in 2022 — and if there is anyone to play with. You can check out our full thoughts over on the Push Square YouTube channel.

In it we also discuss the potential of a sequel. EA has put a considerable amount of effort into keeping its videogame interpretations of Star Wars alive, with Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi Survivor only just revealed. Would you like to see Battlefront 3? What do you think of Battlefront 2 in its current form? Let us know down in the comments!