The Last of Us: Part I is real and some PlayStation fans are still reeling. Many feel that, given the original PS3 version is only nine years old, this is an unnecessary project. Factor in the fact that The Last of Us Remastered was ported to the PS4 just a year after the original, and this project has been beset with criticism since the start.

But, having had time to ruminate on it, we wanted to share some thoughts in defence of the remake. Look, we get it: the original The Last of Us Remastered is still a great game – but, despite being less than a decade old, it is dated compared to The Last of Us: Part II. This is especially true when it comes to gameplay, with the sequel allowing for much greater mobility, which leads to vastly superior encounters.

Naughty Dog has kept the lid on a lot of the gameplay thus far, so it remains to be seen how many of the sequel’s mechanics will get added back into the original, but it’s already talking a good game. And look, while some people have used the PS3’s pre-rendered cutscenes to criticise the visuals of the remaster, there’s no question it looks much more photorealistic in realtime. We think the final product will surprise people.

Check out the Push Square YouTube channel video embedded above for our full thoughts. Ultimately, we understand the complaints about the price and the relatively quick turnaround of this remake, but we’re fairly confident they’ll erode once Naughty Dog reveals more of the project. Personally, we can’t wait to return to this stone-cold classic.

Will you buy The Last of Us: Part I?