Summer Game Fest 2022

In the closing moments of Summer Game Fest Live 2022, host Geoff Keighley announced that the event would return in 2023, which was no big surprise, but also that it would be an in-person as well as a digital event.

What exactly that would look like is anybody's guess, but we would have to assume there would be a live audience component to the presentation itself, as well as some sort of show floor where developers could show off demos, you know, like how things used to be before the world got turned upside down.

E3 was cancelled entirely this year, but the ESA recently announced that the event would be returning, both digitally and in-person in 2023 as well, so who knows, maybe things are finally starting to go back to normal?

What did you think of Summer Game Fest Live 2022, did it meet your expectations, or fall short? Would you rather see The Rock shill energy drinks live and in the flesh?

And, perhaps most crucially of all, would you attend Summer Game Fest Live 2023 in person, if given the chance? Socially distance yourselves in the comments section below.