E3 2022

There will be no E3 2022 at all. The show’s organisers, the ESA, had already ruled out a physical event, but was floating the idea of a digital broadcast similar to last year. However, according to IGN – who corroborated a tweet sent out by Razer’s PR lead Will Powers – the plug has been pulled on that as well. It means there will be no E3 in 2022 at all. The writing is surely on the wall?

It’s believed that the ESA is making preparations for a full-blown comeback in 2023, although whether that will ever materialise seems questionable. According to chatty industry observer Jeff Grubb, part of the ESA’s decision to scrap plans for the aforementioned digital event can be attributed to publishers preferring to partner with Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest instead.

With the E3 news breaking, Keighley was eager to point out that his show will go ahead in June as planned, with a “spectacular live kickoff show”. Sony, meanwhile, will probably choose to host its own independent showcase at a later date, as it did last year. It’ll be interesting to see if E3 ever returns, or if this really is the end. In the case of 2022 at least, there’ll be no E3 at all.

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