Yu Suzuki, one of greatest video game designers of all time, has announced a new game – and no, it’s not Shenmue 4. Unfortunately, this isn’t even a console title – it’s launching 24th June for Apple Arcade, and it’s best described as Space Harrier with swans. Have you got questions? Yeah, we do too, but we’re not lying – check out the trailer for proof.

The game, called Air Twister, sees you controlling a Zero Suit Samus lookalike on the back of a giant bird, and tasks you with blasting all sorts of enemies out of the sky. Aesthetically, it’s all over the place: there’s certainly a Dreamcast-era oversaturated charm to it, but it’s let down by disparate assets which all seem to be pulled from different games. It’s a truly strange looking title!

Air Twister iPhone 1

Dutch composer Valensia has written 19 original songs for the soundtrack, capping this avant-garde mismatch of styles and themes. If you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber, then you’ll be able to play this at no extra cost as part of your membership. Sadly, as mentioned, there’s no word of a console release, but we suppose it’s possible if the appetite is there.

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