One of the best things about the PC gaming community is modding — tinkering with a game's files and systems to create new experiences. Fans and amateur devs are doing this all the time, and every now and again, we see mods for some of Sony's first-party titles, like the one above. God of War has been available on PC for a little while now, and Speclizer has put that time to good use. They've swapped out Kratos and Atreus for The Last of Us' Joel and Ellie, with amazing results.

The majority of the video recounts God of War's opening boss battle against The Stranger, who has been ingeniously replaced by David. Watching Joel and David go toe-to-toe with god-like powers is hilarious; the Leviathan axe has been subbed out for a pipe, and Speclizer has even worked in some appropriate dialogue to match the action. It's a little janky, but that only adds to it.

Later we see Joel and Ellie wander through a snowy forest, take down some Draugr — er, Clickers — and watch Joel take down a mighty troll. It's ludicrous, obviously, but pretty amusing stuff. Whenever The Last of Us: Part I makes it to PC, it'd be equally good to see Kratos and Atreus journeying through a mushroom-based apocalypse.

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