PS5 Pro Controller 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Push Square

Those worried about paying a small fortune for one of Sony’s rumoured pro controllers for PS5 only to get stick drift may be able to put their concerns on ice – an update to journalist Tom Henderson’s original report suggests that you may be able to remove and replace the entire analogue stick unit. This means that, rather than put up with any mechanical issues that occur through use, you could be able swap out the entire analogue stick area, allowing for that “new controller feel” without replacing the entire chassis.

While we’ll need to wait and see how expensive these replacements will be – indeed, the peripheral hasn’t even been announced yet – it’s probably safe to assume they’ll be more cost-effective than the entire pad. This isn’t the first time a manufacturer has devised a device like this: the Thrustmaster ESwap Pro Controller works in the same way. In fact, depending on how crazy Sony wants to get here, it could even potentially release different types of sticks and components.

Thrustmaster EShop Pro
This is the Thrustmaster EShop Pro, which has completely replaceable components.

According to the original rumour, all could be revealed as soon as the end of the month. Would you be willing to buy a pro controller, or are you happy with your standard DualSense? Start saving in the comments section below.