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With the revamped PS Plus already available in most of the world, but Europe lagging behind, Sony may be discontinuing the service’s retail redemption codes. For those out of the loop, you’ve always been able to purchase vouchers in multiple denominations from third-party physical and online stores, which you could redeem on the PS Store in order to extend your membership. Sometimes these codes would come with discounts.

But Polish website XGP noticed that they’re no longer being restocked, and many retailers are selling PS Store credit instead. We can confirm this, as we recently purchased a 12-month PS Plus subscription from Shop To here in the UK, and received £50 of PS Store credit instead. This isn’t consistent across all retailers – some stores like Currys still have vouchers available – and it’s a similar story in the United States. This could, of course, be leftover inventory.

VGC spotted that, on the UK website at least, the Buy Now link for the various PS Plus voucher permutations takes you to a promotional page for PS Store credit. Now, given the multiple subscription tiers Sony is rolling out, it perhaps makes sense for the company to do away with these vouchers – but there’s not enough evidence yet to say they’ve been discontinued entirely. Indeed, it could in theory roll out an entire new range of codes spanning PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra, and PS Plus Premium in the future.

We’ll contact the company and try to get some kind of clarification, but with the new PS Plus tiers still not available worldwide, there was always going to be an adjustment period. As of the time of publication, however, it does look like retailers are phasing out their traditional Sony subscription vouchers.

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