As Destruction AllStars rolls out to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscribers as part of the service's re-launch, Lucid Games is looking to capitalise on its new potential player base with more modes and events. Starting on 22nd June 2022 (the day before the service finishes its rollout phase in Europe), a new Rise event will go live containing a new game mode, challenges, and AllStar Pass.

Events are brand new to Destruction AllStars, and three are planned so far. Each lasts six weeks and will always include either a new game mode or playlist along with another AllStar Pass to work through. For example, the new mode launching alongside the Rise event is called Jumpshot. "It’s a team-based game mode that requires you to think fast on your feet and behind the wheel as you score points with the help of your team," said marketing lead George Rule on the PlayStation Blog.

Two further events will follow in the coming months: Unite on 10th August 2022 and Survive on 28th September 2022. If you played the game before its inclusion in PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium — don't forget Destruction AllStars was part of the old PS Plus at launch — then you'll be treated to a Founders Pack for free. This contains some exclusive cosmetics.

Destruction AllStars has been on an upwards trajectory since its big January overhaul, with the game finally feeling good to play. Now part of PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, perhaps it'll start to grow a devoted player base. Are you going to give the game a chance? Fill up the fuel tank in the comments below.