PS Plus Leaving Soon
Image: Push Square

The new PS Plus service has a tab buried at the bottom of its PS5 home page dedicated to telling you all the games that will be leaving soon. It's called Last Chance to Play and is found just below the Ubisoft+ Classics list. Currently, it reveals two games will be leaving PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium soon: Shadow Warrior 3 on PS4 and streamable PS3 game Syberia.

Shadow Warrior 3 leaves PS Plus Extra on 5th July 2022, and Syberia can no longer be streamed through PS Plus Premium from 19th July 2022. Don't forget these titles will no longer be playable even if you redeem them on your account past the specified dates — they don't act like PS Plus Essential inclusions. Once they're gone from the service, they can't be played.

Other PS Plus Extra, PS Plus Premium listed expiry dates are:

Interestingly, Red Dead Redemption 2 also has an expiry date but it isn't listed in the Last Chance to Play section just yet. It is said to leave PS Plus Extra on 20th September 2022. As for why Shadow Warrior 3 is leaving so soon, this is likely due to the deal made when the game launched day one on PS Now back in March 2022.

We're documenting Upcoming Expiry Dates in our All PS Plus Games guide, so be sure to check that section out for more information.