The Last of Us Multiplayer 1

Why is The Last of Us’ Multiplayer taking so long? Well, judging by everything Naughty Dog is saying, this is one of its biggest ever projects. A piece of concept art was released as part of Summer Game Fest, with more news to follow next year. Speaking with Geoff Keighley, co-president Neil Druckmann reiterated multiple times just how ambitious this project is.

“We can finally announce that we’re creating something much larger than a mode,” senior communications manager Rochelle Snyder wrote on the PS Blog. “We’re thrilled to share a piece of concept art from our upcoming multiplayer experience, which is an extremely ambitious undertaking. We’re growing our studio significantly to ensure we build this full-scale, standalone game, with its massive scope and immense world, in a way that fans have come to expect from The Last of Us and Naughty Dog.”

The game appears to be set in San Francisco, and will feature a full story. This is undoubtedly one of Sony’s live service projects, and looks to be a multiplayer game on a completely new scale. “We aim to make our newest entry into multiplayer inviting to new players while still a thrilling challenge for more of our seasoned fans. There will be more news to come next year, and we cannot wait to introduce you to the team behind this new experience!”