Wow, the week that is "not actually E3 but kind of is" truly hots up tomorrow! Days Gone team Sony Bend has confirmed it will reveal its new company logo tomorrow. Phwoar! Posting on Twitter, the developer says you can catch a livestream at 8pm BST / 12pm PT / 3pm ET where "we unveil our new Bend Studio logo". What a truly groundbreaking reveal.

Of course, we're just having a bit of fun here, but it is kind of funny to see Sony Bend dedicate an entire livestream to its new company logo during the same week as Summer Game Fest. Here's what its logo looks like now:

Sony Bend Logo

The Twitter video above appears to tease what it looks like, with big, bold lines running diagonally across the screen. So fancy; we're sure a Photoshop expert was paid to put this little icon together. What do you think Sony Bend's new logo will look like? We'll take one featuring a beaming smile on the face of Deacon St. John. Share your wildest predictions in the comments below.