God of War GeForce Now 1

God of War is everywhere right now! It’s coming to PS Plus Essential next week, is already part of the PS Plus Collection, and will be included with PS Plus Extra later in the month. Basically, if you haven’t experienced Kratos’ Norse sojourn, you can have no excuses. One place the game won’t be available, at least moving forwards, is GeForce Now.

Sony originally supported NVidia’s cloud service when the game was ported to PC, but perhaps spotting a conflict of interest, it’s since opted out. A spokesperson told IGN that “the publisher, who previously opted into streaming on GeForce Now,” has since opted out. Those who cough up for the pricier PS Plus Premium tier will, of course, be able to cloud stream God of War there.

The good news is, if you own the title and stream it with GeForce Now before 1st July, you’ll retain access on a legacy basis. Therefore, this will only affect new players from the aforementioned date onwards. It’s easy to see why Sony has made this decision, but seeing as NVidia’s tech enabled you to stream the game in 4K at up to 120fps, returning to PS Plus’ comparably less impressive streaming will prove a wake-up call.

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