FF16 Combat Difficulty

Final Fantasy XVI is a clear departure from what the series was once known for. While it still places a heavy emphasis on story and characters, it's going all-in on action combat, to a point where comparisons to games like Devil May Cry have been drawn. Of course, not everyone is a fan of action-based battling, and you could argue that turn or command based combat is something that made older Final Fantasy titles approachable.

Thankfully, it sounds like Final Fantasy XVI will do its best to make the combat system accessible. In a new interview on the official Square Enix blog, producer Naoki Yoshida reveals that the upcoming RPG will feature "a comprehensive support system", for "players who aren’t too confident with action games".

We don't know if that means Final Fantasy XVI will have standard difficulty settings, or if there's some kind of assist or easy combo mechanic, similar to what you see in a lot of modern fighting games. The most recent action-based Final Fantasy titles — like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin — have offered difficulty options from the start, so that could well be the case here as well.

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