Ape Escape PS1 1

What’s this?! Sony in a shockingly consumer friendly move has confirmed that “select” PS1 and PSP titles launching as part of the new PS Plus Premium tier will be available individually, meaning you’ll be able to purchase them from the PS Store even if you don’t want to subscribe. More importantly, if you own any of the games digitally from past systems (like PS3 or PSP) you’ll be able to download them at no extra charge.

While this kind of legacy support is to be expected from contemporary digital storefronts, it’s generosity we hadn’t really expected from Sony in this day and age. Remember, many of these classic titles will be enhanced with a new user interface, incorporating modern quality of life features likes save states and rewind – the company has really gone all out here, which is really rather refreshing to see.

Will you be digging into some classics day one? You can find a list of All PS Plus Games through the link.

[source blog.playstation.com]