Uncharted Movie: Is There a Post Credits Scene Guide 1
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Is there a post credits scene in the Uncharted movie? While it used to be common practice to sit up and put on your jacket as soon as a film’s credits started, Marvel has completely changed this paradigm, and you may be wondering whether you should head for the exit once the Uncharted movie ends. On this page, we’re going to confirm whether there is a post credits scene in the Uncharted movie. Please do be aware that due to the very nature of this page, there are spoilers below.

Uncharted Movie: Is There a Post Credits Scene?

The simple answer is yes, the Uncharted movie has a post credits scene. In fact, it has two of ‘em, so you’re going to need to hold back your pee for at least five to ten minutes before you can burst into your cinema’s bathroom. Both of the post credits scenes set-up potential sequels, so it’s definitely worth your time – especially if Sony Pictures does, indeed, make an Uncharted 2.

But what do the post credits scenes reveal, and how do they play into a potential sequel? Well, we’ll have to dig into some pretty big spoilers in order to detail that, so if you’ve not seen the film yet, look away now.

Uncharted Movie: Is There a Post Credits Scene Guide 2
Image: Sony Pictures

The first post credits scene focuses on a prison, with Sam Drake perched inside writing a postcard to Nate. This confirms that he’s still alive, but raises many questions about what he’s doing inside. It’s a similar setup to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, where Sam has spent years in a Panama prison.

The second post credits scene is longer, and sees Nate trying to strike a deal with a mysterious character named Roman, who is almost certainly Gabriel Roman from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Sully bursts in, complete with a moustache, and as the pair escape they’re obstructed by an off-screen figure who we can’t see. The clip ends with the pair raising their hands to surrender.

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