Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed will represent some late summer fun as THQ Nordic confirms the PS5 remake arrives on 30th August 2022. A new trailer has been released with gameplay and cutscenes to mark the announcement, which also reveals pricing: £34.99/$39.99 for the standard edition and £44.99/$54.99 for the Dressed to Skill version. Both of them are up for pre-order on the PS Store now. There's no PS4 version of the title.

A press release describes the game as a "faithful remake of the most acclaimed entry in the fan-favorite Destroy All Humans! franchise". Bay City, Albion, Takoshima, Tunguska, and the Moon are the five locations you'll get to explore in the remade sequel, which is set in the 1960s.

Pre-ordering either edition of Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed grants you immediate access to the new Clone Carnage multiplayer DLC for the first Destroy All Humans! remake. It's a standalone mode, so you needn't worry about owning the original game in order to play. Coughing up the extra cash for the Dressed to Skill edition nets you a skin pack and the Challenge Accepted DLC when it releases at the end of this year. There's also a $399 physical collector's edition, but what it contains hasn't been shared.

"Players will experience the swinging ‘60s in all its glory and deal with Hippies, the KGB, and many other threats," the press release reads. "To roam quickly around the large areas, Crypto can use his jetpack; his hoverboard; and of course his flying saucer, equipped with a neat little arsenal of destruction of its own. The saucer received an interesting update: abducting humans in certain numbers (you'll have to follow the recipe!) will unlock new skills."

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