Reinforcing comments made in the past multiple times over, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has once again explained how Sony isn't done with studio acquisitions in order to further expand its first-party portfolio. During the Q&A section of the company's recent business briefing section, Ryan said: "In terms of future M&A [mergers and acquisitions] activity, the answer to that is we are not at all finished with our strategy of trying to grow PlayStation Studios inorganically."

He then goes on to explain how inorganic growth will be required as Sony transitions from its traditional development strategy into one with a "much wider market reach". Ryan is likely referencing PlayStation's efforts to port some of its back catalogue to PC, which meant Nixxes was brought on board last year to help out. Sony is also exploring the mobile phone space, and roughly 20 per cent of its output could be for smartphones by 2025.

"The purpose of these investments is to increase our core strength at PlayStation Studios, but also to acquire expertise in areas of game development where historically we have not had a significant presence," Ryan also said. Sony's buyout of Bungie is then referenced, which is designed to help the company as it more heavily moves into the live-service area, with more than half of PlayStation's overall investment potentially going to titles marketed as a Game as a Service.

Ryan finishes: "And to the extent that potential targets fit with our strategy, to the extent that potential targets allow us to accelerate the way in which we are able to deliver on our strategy, we will certainly consider farther M&A activity to add to our business portfolio."