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For a couple of weeks now, PS Vita owners have complained that it’s no longer possible to transfer games between PS3 and Sony’s handheld system. The error appeared to coincide with a batch of new firmware updates that deployed around 11th May, 2022, which were released to strengthen account security. Unfortunately, that has killed the ability to move content between the consoles.

The platform holder has been slow acknowledging the problem, but has now officially confirmed that it’s kiboshed the functionality. “From 11th May, 2022 content cannot be transferred from PS3 consoles to PS Vita systems,” a support FAQ acknowledges. “Content can still be downloaded directly to PS3 consoles or PS Vita systems or it can be transferred using a PC.”

As alluded to above, Sony’s old Content Manager Assistant can be used to transfer games between a PC and PS Vita, but this is pretty old software now so your mileage may vary. Account security for the PSN is important, of course, and we doubt the number of people affected by this issue will be particularly high – it’s a potential inconvenience for those of you who still regularly move content between your PS3 and PS Vita, though.

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