PS3 Console
Image: PlayStation

Sony has improved account security on two of its legacy machines through new firmware updates deployed today. For PlayStation 3, we're looking at update 4.89 while PS Vita is now on version 3.74. Essentially, the two console patches remove the ability to create a PSN account on the systems themselves, now requiring a smartphone or a PC to set one up. This introduces two-factor authentication as a standard on PS Vita at least.

According to Planète Vita, the patch notes for both updates read as follows:

  • Signing in to PlayStation Network now requires two-factor authentication for better account protection.
  • Account creation for PlayStation Network and certain account management functions are no longer available on the console. Use your PC or mobile browser to use account management features with improved performance, speed, and security.

In terms of the removal of account management settings, PS Vita users are reporting code redemption now points you to an external website through either a QR code or a standard URL. The same goes for accessing general billing information. Signing in to PS3 and PS Vita systems will now also require device passwords.

While creating a PSN account on PS3 and PS Vita is no longer possible, you'll still be able to log into existing ones as well as set up profiles externally (either through a PS5, PS4 or Sony's website).

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