Resident Evil 3 PS5 PS4

The native PlayStation 5 version of Resident Evil 3 may not be too far away from release as it's been spotted the PS5 is recognising the free PS4 to PS5 upgrade path after inserting the disc. Spotted by Twitter user BSAAEurope, the console asks if you want to upgrade the PS4 version of the game to the PS5 one, but the link to the download isn't live just yet.

This may suggest the PS5 version of Resident Evil 3 will launch in the near future, with native versions for Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on Sony's latest system also set to follow this year. All three titles will be treated to visual enhancements on PS5.

While we considered it a "competent remake" at the time, it's hard not to look back on Resident Evil 3 as a disappointment. After cutting so many of the PS1 original's iconic locations, the PS4 remake amounted to a very quick trip through Raccoon City as Jill and Carlos. Maybe we can get that original experience back on PS Plus Premium? We'll have to wait and see. For now, we have this PS5 version to look forward to.