Epic Games’ outstanding Matrix Awakens tech demo has already given us a taste of what to expect from Unreal Engine 5 on the PS5, but this viral video has pulses racing all over social media. The clip, which is based on a real-life Japanese train station, was uploaded to Art Station earlier in the week, and has been shared thousands of times since.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t actually running in real-time – it was rendered at about seven frames-per-second and then sped up. While the creator admits it’s possible to run it at real-time, the image quality takes a big hit. However, they admit that further optimisation could result in improved performance.

Really, though, the takeaway here is just how photorealistic everything looks. The video description explains: “The environment is running in Unreal Engine 5, lit with Lumen. I didn't use Nanite. I worked on all modelling, texturing, lighting, and animation for this video. The only exception is foliage, which is from Quixel Megascans.”

It really is rather impressive, and with a bunch of Sony teams working with Unreal Engine 5 – including the likes of Haven Studios – we’re guaranteed to be in for a treat as the generation matures.

[source artstation.com]