Firewall Zero Hour PS4 PSVR 1

Sony doesn’t have the best track record for ongoing online multiplayer game support, but credit must go to the platform holder for not pulling the plug on First Contact Entertainment’s tactical shooter, Firewall Zero Hour. The PSVR exclusive has been taking down targets for almost four years now, and will receive its tenth (and final) seasonal update from today.

Before we delve any deeper, it’s important to stress that the title will remain online for the foreseeable future, and just because the developer is moving on to new projects, it doesn’t mean it’ll be taken offline. This final update just marks the end of new content releases, and it’s impressive it’s had a shelf life this long.

The new season, named Operation X, includes some pretty neat goodies: fan favourite gear and equipment in new colour combinations. There’s even a unicorn-themed Crossbow! There’s a new legendary weapon – an upgraded version of the Reaper with some classy gold accents – and you’ll have an opportunity to grab the legendary weapons from the game’s first six seasons, too.

“We can’t believe it’s almost been four years since the launch of Firewall Zero Hour, and we owe everything to you, our amazing fanbase,” a PS Blog post reads. “Thank you for spending your free time immersed in the world of Firewall Zero Hour.” First Contact Entertainment is widely rumoured to be working on a PSVR2 title, so it’ll be interesting to see if it has some kind of sequel in store.