FIFA 22 PS Plus PlayStation 5 PS5 1

Deep down, we all know why FIFA 22 is one of all PS Plus games this month. The reality is that the football season is ending soon, and EA Sports is trying to squeeze the last dregs of profit out of the soccer sim. Many may simply download the game and play offline, however, and the publisher would rather get you spending in Ultimate Team.

One way to encourage that is to giveaway a free pack, which is exactly what PS Plus subscribers can claim now. The giveaway includes 11 players, all guaranteed to be 82 or above, which at this stage in the game’s lifespan is probably not going to be good enough – but that’s where the spending comes in, of course.

In addition to 11 permanent additions, you’ll also score an ICON Moments Loan Player Pick, just to get that dopamine dripping a little harder. In all truth, if you’re an Ultimate Team veteran or newcomer, you may as well grab the free pack – after all, you might get a little bit of luck and pull Cristiano Ronaldo or something.

Oh, who are we kidding? It’ll be Leon Bailey or bust.