With PlayStation 1 game Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee already up on the Malaysian PS Store, buyers are getting their hands on all the new features that come with the new UI thick and fast. Posted by outlet MP1st, the site has put together this video documenting every option that can be applied to classic games included in the PS Plus Premium tier. Included are the various resolutions, filters, the ability to save and load anywhere, and others.

The video begins with resolutions, which in the case of Oddworld are the native resolution from the PS1 version, 1:1 video format, 4:3 for 16:10 video format, 4:3 for 16:9 video format, square pixels, and wide zoom (stretched). Moving on to the filters and we have a proper look at the default, retro classic, and modern options in motion.

One of the coolest features included in these classic games is the ability to save and load your game anywhere, and the video demonstration reveals how instantaneous the process is. After bringing up the UI, you can make use of multiple save slots, and they all load in less than a second. MP1st also points out how you can skip the game's company logo reveals and menu screens at the beginning by loading. The rewind function is also shown off, which allows you to select from multiple options and return to that state.

The video ends by explaining how these are native PS5 and PS4 ports, meaning you can take advantage of cloud saves with PS Plus. They also even have their own background image, logo, and description on the PS5 home screen. This all seems like really good implementation from Sony with lots of great emulator options, but what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below and check out All PS Plus Games to see what you can play once the service launches in your area.

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