God of War PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Sony Santa Monica’s stunning 2018 series revamp God of War is almost certainly part of the PS Plus Essential lineup for June 2022, with confirmation now coming from two separate and historically reliable sources. While this rumour has been met warmly by fans waiting patiently for God of War Ragnarok – many believe the original’s giveaway signals the start of PlayStation’s marketing campaign for the hotly anticipated sequel – it’s left some subscribers scratching their heads.

The Japanese giant already announced that God of War will be part of the new subscription tiers PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, making its inclusion with PS Plus Essential a lot less valuable to those paying up for the top tier. In addition, the game is also included with the PS Plus Collection for PS5 owners and has been part of the PS Now selection for quite some time. While the latter will become defunct in the coming weeks, it means the title is effectively set to be part of every single subscription Sony offers.

Now, while we still will need to wait for official confirmation of God of War’s inclusion, it’s looking like a lock. And considering this is set to be the first month of Sony’s revamped service, it raises interesting questions: just how much crossover will there be between PS Plus Essential and PS Plus Extra (and, indeed, PS Plus Premium) moving forwards? Historically, there was a lot of crossover between PS Plus and PS Now, but Sony was able to justify it on the basis of them being distinct services. That’s not the case with the new PS Plus.

It’s an interesting situation, and equally fascinating that this question appears set to rear its head in the very first month of the revamped PS Plus’ launch. You’d think Sony would have had the foresight to predict a situation like this, but seeing as we still don’t have a complete list of All PS Plus Games yet, nothing this company does surprises us anymore.

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