Temtem arrived on PS5 shortly after the console launched in late 2020, although unusually, the game wasn't finished. It's been in an early access phase for years, with developer Crema building out the Pokémon-like, monster-battling RPG based on player feedback. We played it when it first hit PS5 and came away reasonably impressed. However, publisher Humble Games has just announced the full, final version of Temtem is finally ready to roll.

As you can see with the above trailer, version 1.0 of the online multiplayer RPG is almost upon us, launching on 6th September 2022. If you happened to purchase the early access version, you'll be upgraded to the final game at no extra cost.

Crema has been steadily adding to Temtem over time, but with the full release, it's adding the final island to the game world, alongside the introduction of Seasons and new activities to discover. We've not played for a long time, so we're definitely interested to see how far the game has come.

Will you be jumping back into Temtem this September? Trade blows in the comments section below.

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