Ape Escape PS1 1

Update: So, it appears there’ll be an aspect of lottery over which ROMs Sony use for its retro PS1 emulation on PS5 and PS4. While, as reported below, Ape Escape is using the PAL 50Hz version, other games like Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Toy Story 2, and Tekken 2 are using NTSC 60Hz. Your mileage may vary, then…

Original Story: After the disappointing launch of the PS Classic, which unfortunately used PAL 50Hz ROMs as opposed to the superior NTSC 60Hz versions, many had hoped that Sony wouldn’t repeat the same mistake. However, with Asia beginning to get its hands on the new tiers of PS Plus today, we’re beginning to learn a little more about the platform holder’s retro support. And unfortunately, when it comes to Ape Escape at least, it’s using the PAL release – in Indonesia at least.

Twitter user The_Marmolade captured the above comparison, noting the slower gameplay of Sony’s emulated version compared to their NTSC copy played on a CRT:

Of course, before we all lose our minds over this, it’s important to note that this has only been spotted for one game thus far – and while we appreciate the source material’s side-by-side, it’s not exactly scientific, is it? Of course, Sony has released the inferior PAL 50Hz ROMs before, so we can certainly envisage it doing the same again. Perhaps this comes down to some kind of licensing issue, rather than incompetence? Maybe those of you in America will get the better NTSC editions while the rest of us play like peasants...

All will, hopefully, be confirmed in the next month or so.

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