PS Plus Premium Trophies

Sony has finally given its new PS Plus tiers a proper reveal, and the overhauled service is starting to sound quite enticing. However, it's worth noting that, at the time of writing this article, there's been no mention of classic PS1 and PSP titles having Trophy support. Obviously that's not confirmation, but it does strongly suggest that you won't be able to earn digital trinkets through PS Plus Premium's retro catalogue.

A lack of Trophies wouldn't come as a huge surprise — it would probably require a lot more cooperation between Sony and its third party partners for a start — but some will still find this potential news a bit disappointing.

Some PS1 and PSP titles will offer additional functionality in the form of save states and rewind, though, which is a lot better than nothing. Improved performance is also promised for select games.

As for PS2 games, we don't know yet. Sony hasn't actually confirmed any PS2 titles beyond its remastered PS2 classics range from the PS4 generation — and all of those games already had Trophy support.

Did you expect PS Plus Premium's old school offerings to have Trophies? Boast about your collection in the comments section below.