We say it all the time, but this really is a thing now: another month, another No Man's Sky update. Named Leviathan, this is the game's 20th overall post-launch update and the seventh Expedition. This one takes the form of a sort of rogue-like experience with a time-looping curse you must put a stop to. "Not even Nada and Polo know the cause of this temporal abnormality, but all the clues indicate a link to a great space creature, The Leviathan."

If you successfully complete the Expedition, you'll be rewarded with the Whalestalker Cloak, an Organic Frigate for your base, and a Temporal Starship Trail. This particular mission will be available for around six weeks.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sean Murray said: "We’ve really enjoyed putting this expedition together and are excited at the prospect of thousands of PlayStation Travellers working as an inter-galactic team to free themselves from the continuum… even if they do have to die a bunch of times to achieve it!"

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