Sonic the Hedgehog isn't just spin-dashing onto the big screen, he's also making a return to the realm of television. Netflix and SEGA have joined forces to create a brand new animated series called Sonic Prime, announced last year. Today, the subscription service has unveiled a very small look at how the show is shaping up. At the end of the above video, we get a few seconds of footage and dialogue.

Of course, it's impossible to discern whether the new take on the hedgehog will be any good with such a small taste. However, at the very least, it looks pretty nice visually, and Sonic's signature snark is present and correct. We'll just have to wait and see whether the team can deliver a series that's entertaining for fans new and old.

Scheduled to arrive later this year, further details about Sonic Prime are slim. We know it'll take the blue blur through a multi-dimensional adventure, and will apparently includes themes of "self-discovery and redemption".

Are you excited to watch this show? What do you think of this tiny glimpse? Pop those red trainers on in the comments section below.