Sonic the Hedgehog has had numerous shows in addition to all his video games, and it seems he's due another. Netflix originally mentioned a new cartoon series starring SEGA's mascot in December before quickly brushing it under the carpet. Now, though, it seems the streaming service is ready to officially unveil the show. Its name is Sonic Prime.

As mentioned in the tweet, this new show will debut sometime next year. According to Game Informer, Sonic Prime will be at least 24 episodes long, and is being aimed at "kids, families, and long-time fans". The show will reportedly span a multi-verse that Sonic will inevitably rescue, but apparently, the character will tackle "self-discovery and redemption". One other wrinkle to this is that Sonic's long-time voice actor Roger Craig Smith just recently left the role, meaning the hedgehog will have a new voice in Prime.

Alrighty then. We've got quite a wait before we find out whether this is any good, but what are your thoughts on Sonic Prime so far? Are you ready to binge the new show in 2022? Grab those rings in the comments section below.

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