Today's Gotham Knights update is an extended gameplay walkthrough that focuses on two of the playable characters: Nightwing and Red Hood. There are 13 minutes of gameplay to watch, detailing how the two characters in question play as well as a look at your home base. Also included is a brief look at the menus and gear options, with items all coming with their own rarity tier and stats ala Destiny.

Interestingly, the gameplay demo still only features two players in online co-op. Who knows if there's any merit to yesterday's leak, which hinted at four-player co-op in a PS Store listing.

Due to release on 25th October 2022, the game will now only launch for PlayStation 5. The PS4 version has been cancelled. The in-depth video ends by promoting pre-orders, meaning the game will be up for pre-order on the PS Store soon. You'll get the 233 Kustom Batcycle skin for committing cash early. There will also be a Deluxe Editon, which includes the Visionary Pack containing "exclusive gear, cosmetics, Beyond Suitstyle character skins inspired by the Batman Beyond animated series and more".