Forspoken Rating

Forspoken just got an age rating here in Europe from PEGI (that's the region's ratings board, for those who might not know). It's an 18, which is equivalent to 'Mature' in the US. PEGI's description highlights mature themes such as suicide, consumption of alcohol, and strong language. It's not a huge surprise to see Forspoken slapped with an 18, but there are wider implications.

Indeed, the fact that the game's been rated does suggest that development is approaching its final phase, and that its current release date of 11th October will stick. There was a rather flimsy rumour going around earlier this week that Square Enix could delay Forspoken in order to make room for Final Fantasy XVI — but that always seemed a little unrealistic. Certainly not impossible, but it would be a strange move from a company that will have already mapped out its marketing plans for the rest of 2022.

Anyway, are you looking forward to Forspoken? We remain a bit sceptical of the project going by what we've seen — the game has some serious tech demo vibes — but there's still plenty of time for updated footage to wow us. Let us know if you feel the same in the comments section below.