SoulCalibur 6 PS4

The very last monthly games update for Sony's PlayStation Now service has arrived, and it's not exactly going out with a bang. Available for download starting tomorrow, the following PS4 games will be added to PS Now:

All three titles seem to be permanent additions, and since the service is being rolled into PS Plus as PS Plus Extra at the end of this month in Japan, it is probably safe to assume they'll be part of the launch lineup for the new membership. If you have an active PS Now subscription, you'll automatically be upgraded to the PS Plus Premium tier. For a full list of All PS Now Games, click the link.

While the final software refresh is indeed a small one with not much variety, the titles themselves are of a good quality. The Naruto title garnered an 8/10 rating in the Push Square review, while SoulCalibur VI is a a great fighting title. "This is the most assured SoulCalibur since SoulCalibur II, and it certainly shows," we concluded.