Final Fantasy VII Anniversary

How's about a bit of juicy speculation to get your Wednesday afternoon started? During the latest Square Enix Japan livestream for mobile title Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, series veteran Tetsuya Nomura teased that news regarding Final Fantasy VII's 25th anniversary would be dropping next month.

It's obviously an important event for such a landmark game, which would lead you to believe that we could get new information on Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 — or whatever it ends up being called. We know that the anticipated sequel is in development, but it's yet to be properly revealed.

But nothing's guaranteed, of course. It's easy to forget that Square Enix has a lot of Final Fantasy VII projects in the works, with the aforementioned The First Soldier sitting on mobile alongside Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. The emphasis may be placed on either of these games, or even something new.

Again, though, this is the 25th anniversary we're talking about, so you'd hope that Square Enix has something fairly significant planned. What's more, the publisher has already said during its most recent financial call that it expects news on Final Fantasy's 35th anniversary either this month or next, so it's all adding up.

In any case, it's clear that Final Fantasy stuff's happening soon. We'll be sure to cover anything relevant to PlayStation right here on Push Square.

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