Final Fantasy XVI New Trailer

It sounds like it's actually happening, folks: it apparently won't be long until we're finally reunited with Final Fantasy XVI. During a recent Square Enix livestream for mobile title NieR Re[in]carnation, Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida gave an update on the anticipated PS5 RPG (as reported by Audrey and @RedMakuzawa).

Yoshida says that a new trailer for the game is ready to go — but its release was delayed for...reasons. It should be made public "soon", however, which makes us wonder whether it'll be a part of an upcoming Sony showcase. It would make sense, wouldn't it?

Yoshida also reiterates what we heard just last week — that Final Fantasy XVI is basically finished. Apparently, the development team is now working on polishing and optimising the game, which of course begs the question: when is this thing going to launch?

It could be that Final Fantasy XVI is a lot closer than many might think — it could be targeting a 2022 release date after all. But at the same time, it's possibly on course for something like spring 2023, which would give Square Enix ample time to properly market its potential blockbuster. Either way, it's looking like we'll have confirmation in the relatively near future.

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