Final Fantasy 16 Development

We haven't seen the bloody thing in what feels like an eternity, but fear not: Final Fantasy XVI is, apparently, in "the final stretch" of its development. That's according to producer Naoki Yoshida, quoted in Japanese clothing company Uniqlo's free in-store magazine for Final Fantasy's 35th anniversary. Not necessarily a place you'd expect such a bombshell to be dropped, but we'll take it!

Okay, so what does "the final stretch" actually mean? Well, you would assume that most of the work is done, so that's good. You would also assume that a release date can't be too far off — which is also good. But determining the length of a "final stretch" is difficult. Maybe the game is basically done and the development team is just polishing things — or maybe there are still months and months of development left as the team pulls everything together. We won't know for sure until we have some kind of release date.

"My hope is that the adults who have grown up, understand the rules of society, and drifted away from Final Fantasy thinking ‘the real world isn’t as easy as a video game’ can remember the enthusiasm they had back then. That’s what we’re keeping in mind as we make this game," says Yoshida. Let's hope it lives up to the hype!

For what it's worth, Square Enix previously stated that more information on Final Fantasy XVI would be arriving this spring. But we're obviously now hurtling towards the end of the season and it's yet to happen.

Come on Square, don't leave us hanging.

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