Dragon's Dogma 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago today (that's the 22nd May, in case you're reading this in the future), Capcom released Dragon's Dogma on PS3. It was a dark fantasy action RPG that perhaps wouldn't get the praise that it deserved until years later, by which time it had established itself as something of a cult classic.

Indeed, its original launch in 2012 was a bit muted. It dropped post-Skyrim, and those looking for another open world epic in the mould of Bethesda's blockbuster were met with an unorthodox RPG spearheaded by the guy who made Devil May Cry.

With its weird characters, often vague quests, and, shall we say, nuanced narrative, Dragon's Dogma was not your mainstream fantasy escapade. It took heavy cues from the likes of Berserk, revelling in surprisingly twisted story moments and the existence of nightmarish creatures.

But in its unique pawn system and excellent combat mechanics, Dragon's Dogma found its identity. For our money, it's still one of the best-playing action RPGs on the market, absolutely packed with memorable encounters and enemy designs. A typically Capcom masterclass in that regard.

Thankfully, Dragon's Dogma got a well deserved second chance in 2017, when it was remastered on PS4 alongside its fantastic Dark Arisen expansion. The re-release introduced a whole new audience to the land of Gransys, and Dragon's Dogma was given a new lease of life through the magic of the internet, where it quickly became a bit of a meme-making machine thanks to its wonderfully odd tone. Its status as a modern classic was finally solidified.

So now we're here in 2022, and we're still waiting on Dragon's Dogma 2. The sequel has yet to be officially announced, but it's widely believed that it is happening. Dragon's Dogma 2 was a part of the now infamous Nvidia leak, which has proven to be shockingly accurate up until this point. We sincerely hope that the supposed project is still in the works at Capcom as we pen this article.

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