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The Babylon's Fall player count may still be struggling to reach double digits, but that's not stopping its second season of content from releasing. Starting on 31st May 2022 and lasting all the way until the end of November (seasons have now doubled in length), The Light of Aaru adds a Kuftaali VIP to your HQ as well as a new story chapter. There's also a new Battle Pass to work through, another weapon type and element, and new enemies to face.

Over 80 new quests will be added to the game as part of Season Two, which covers Skirmishes, Sieges, and Duels. They come together to tell the story of a Ziggurat under new leadership and facing a new truth. "Witness the story of Elysium in the Ziggurat “Tower of Benben” that stands tall in the desert." Along the way, you'll source fresh loot, including the new Pistol weapon type and Sun element, which are both said to expand the scope of character builds.

After the initial Season Two update at the end of this month, a second update on 12th July 2022 will introduce another story chapter and further quests, bosses, rankings, weapons, armour sets, and cosmetic items. One week later, the Sun Festival limited-time event arrives. No details have been shared on this, but the official blog post does feature a female and male character nearly in the nude.


And then there's the Battle Pass, which will include another 100 items for you to unlock. The higher the rank you achieve in these Battle Passes, the bigger the discount for the next season will be. The third season is already in development despite the lacking player base. PlatinumGames recently said it will "continue to provide new content for the game and make improvements based on player feedback, striving to keep existing players playing and to attract newcomers".

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