Ghost Recon Breakpoint PS4

Ubisoft might be scrapping Ghost Recon: Breakpoint support moving forward, but that doesn't mean its criticised NFT initiative is dying with it. The French publisher has confirmed to that NFTs will still be part of future games. The full statement reads: "Stay tuned for more updates with features to the platform and future drops coming with other games."

As for the NFTs sold for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, these will continue to be maintained along with the game's servers. "You own a piece of the game and have left your mark in its history," a Ubisoft spokesperson said. What an achievement for all involved. Ubisoft's NFTs are called Digita, and in the case of Breakpoint, took the form of helmets, armour, and weapon skins with unique serial numbers on them. This made the item exclusive to the buyer, with their Ubisoft Connect username stored in its metadata.

They didn't sell particularly well on the market, but that doesn't appear to have deterred Ubisoft from giving them another go in future titles. Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs: be on the lookout.