Ghost Recon Breakpoint Support

Following on from around two years of post-launch support, Ubisoft is saying goodbye Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It's announced that no further updates are happening, although the game's servers will be kept online for the foreseeable future.

Ubisoft did dramatically improve Breakpoint after the game was met with a lot of criticism from series fans. Its final big update, Operation Motherland, was released in October of last year. It added loads of stuff to the open world shooter, including new modes that altered the gameplay loop on a fundamental level.

So what's next for Ghost Recon? Well, a new title, Ghost Recon Frontline, was announced a few months back for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 — but we wouldn't blame you for forgetting all about it. The announcement was quite poorly received when it was revealed that Frontline would be a "massive" player-versus-player shooter. It hasn't been mentioned since, but it'll probably pop up during Ubisoft's rumoured summer showcase.

It's also worth mentioning that Ghost Recon Breakpoint was set to spearhead Ubisoft's NFT initiative — named 'Quartz' — but that clearly didn't go to plan.