Star Wars 1313

Amy Hennig, president of game studio Skydance New Media, has announced she and her team are working on a brand new Star Wars title.

According to the blog post on the official Star Wars website, the game will be a "narrative-driven action-adventure game featuring an original story in the Star Wars galaxy." Hennig, who's best known for her work on the Uncharted franchise, says that the sci-fi classics were a formative part of her life. "I’ve often described how seeing Star Wars in 1977 essentially rewired my 12-year-old brain, shaping my creative life and future indelibly," she says, adding that she's "elated" to be working with Lucasfilm Games once again.

It sounds like this will be the second game to come from Skydance New Media. About six months ago, the studio announced its debut project would be a Marvel game of some sort. As with that game, this Star Wars title will come to "traditional gaming platforms", which we can only assume means PlayStation 5 will be in the mix.

Anyway, that's about all we know right now. Hennig was previously involved with a Star Wars project at EA, which was apparently akin to Uncharted and the ill-fated Star Wars: 1313. We'll be interested to see whether this new game shares some of that DNA. Are you excited for an Amy Hennig-helmed Star Wars game? Shoot first in the comments section below.