House Of The Dead Remake PS4

First spotted on the PlayStation Store backend prior to its Nintendo Switch release, The House of the Dead: Remake is now confirmed for a PS4 release. It'll launch next week on 28th April 2022, and costs £22.49/$24.99. The shooter only launched for Nintendo's hybrid console a few weeks ago, so this multi-platform port has been a very short turnaround.

Our sister site Nintendo Life found the remake to still be a brilliant light gun shooter with a basic but effective graphical update, although it's held back by inaccurate controls. There are also performance issues on Nintendo Switch, but the PS4 should sort those out. "When it all works like it should, The House of the Dead: Remake is a fun update of a Sega arcade classic." Maybe Forever Entertainment could work on some PlayStation VR support for this PS4 port next?

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